Thursday, October 4

20 Things I Love About Fall


Dear Fall,

I love you. I live for you.

I adore your cool air, color, taste, and smell. You bring me Halloween and Thanksgiving

All your pretty pictures drew me back to Pinterest

Then, The Inspired Room encouraged me to list 20 things I love about you. So, I guess you could say, I'm falling back into blogging. (see what I just did there?) 


Candy Corn


Carving Pumpkins & Trick or Treat

Halloween Oreos

Orange cream tastes better, no?

Colorful Leaves

Living in PA has its perks!

Apple Goodies

Jumping in the Leaves

Printable Coloring Page

Fall Mums

Love, Love, Love

Pumpkin Goodies

Fall TV Season

Pumpkin Patches & Hay Rides

Hearty Soups

Fall Decor

Brisk Air

Sitting by the Fire

Fall Fashion

Jeans, Sweaters, and Boots, Oh My!

Fall Scents


Black Friday Shopping

Honorable Mention

Not my thing, but it makes my husband happy!

Super Cute Fall Bucket List

What is your favorite season?


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