Sunday, June 10

Five Favorite Finds


1.  Chocolate caramel bars with coffee-spiked chocolate ganache on top.  Pinned on Bars and Brownies.

2.  I have absolutely NO place for something this cool in my house, but, OMG, I love this clock SO much.  In fact, I love the entire display.  Sadly, my house isn't fabulous enough for something like this.  Pinned on Living Spaces.

3.  Just... funny.  Kids these days.  Pinned on Furries, Funnies, Feel Goods.  

 4.  Office decor from Target.  I have a room in my house that I'd eventually like to be my office, so I'm constantly mentally decorating it.  I like the colors and design of this office space.  And Target fits my budget.  Pinned on Office Spaces.

5.  Zoku Quick Pop Characters.  This kit comes with 14 mix and match stencils to make these adorable popsicles made with fresh fruit.  Pinned on Fun Food for Kids.


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