Thursday, May 31

To Spring Clean or Not To Spring Clean?


So, May is over, school is out, and Spring has just about sprung.  And my house still needs a spring clean. Badly.

The mere thought overwhelms me.

Where to start?  Where to end?  Because I know when I get to the "end," the "start" will be trashed again, so I will have to decide when enough is enough.

How high?  How low?

Eye-infection inducing chemicals that may or may not kill my cats or play chemist to make all natural cleaning products?  I hated chemistry in high school but I'm kind of fond of my eyes and my cats, so that's a tough one.  A real tough one.

I went to Pinterest, of course, to search for a starting point.  I will never search Spring Cleaning on Pinterest again.  Information overload!!  There were checklists, recipes, tips, and more checklists.

Massive checklist!


Chemistry crap.

A nifty idea.

A list only fit for over-achievers.

One idea that I can do!

I'll just sweep it all under the rug while wearing slutty clothes.  Hopefully my husband will be distracted enough he won't notice the house, buying me more time to make a plan.   


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