Sunday, May 13

Five Favorite Finds


1.  Paper Towel Butterflies.  These butterflies are adorable!  You only need white paper towels, food coloring, and pipe cleaners.  Pinned on Kids at Play.

2.  Grilled Malibu Chicken.  AKA, chicken wrapped in sinfully delicious stuff.  For starters - pineapple, cheese, butter, molasses, and ham.  Pinned on Good Eats.  

3.  I love this outfit.  White, turquoise, and brown are a killer combo.  And I can even afford everything but the $145 flip flops and $395 sunglasses.  I'm not that fabulous yet.  Pinned on Fashion (if only...).

4.  I want my master bedroom to look exactly like this.  Pinned on I Love Turquoise.  

5.  I pinned a lot of desserts since I have talked you last, but I'm sure that doesn't surprise anyone.  Desserts make my world go 'round.  This particular dessert, Triple Coconut Cheesecake, tempts my diet.  Big time.  It's mile high in coconut and I'm drowning in drool.   Pinned on Yum, Yum, Gimme Some.

I hope you enjoy my five favorite finds from this week.  Share your own interesting finds with a comment below.  Happy pinning!


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