Monday, April 16

25 Ideas for Plastic Eggs


What's colorful, egg-shaped, and multiplies in the darkness of my basement?

Plastic Easter eggs, that's what.

The amount of eggs we have is crazy. I found myself searching for creative ways to recycle them last week, so I thought I'd share my search results here. 

The eggcelent ideas range from adult crafty to child crafty to educational.

1. The egg snake is the the picture I saw on Pinterest that inspired this search.

2.  How cute are these teacups?  The bases are buttons.   I'm tempted to let my daughter invite some friends over for a tea party and do this as a craft during the party.  

3.  Bumble bees with yarn.

4.  The Lorax.

5.  Caterpillars.  This craft makes a good "stringing beads" type activity for the preschoolers.

6.  These blue song birds are beyond adorable!  I really wish I had the patience for crafts. The source link provides more pictures of these cute creatures and a great tutorial for making your own birds.  

7.  Uppercase and lowercase letter matching.  The source link includes 9 other learning games using eggs.

8.  Ruffled fabric eggs.

9.  Some people call them fireflies.  I call them lightening bugs.  No matter what you call those bugs, I'm sure you'll agree this craft is awesome.  Make your own lightening bugs with flameless LED tealights.  

10.  Teacup carousel.

11.  Eggs wrapped in baker's twine for decoration.

12.  A fun math lesson.  

13.  Egg people.  This would be a fun activity for a rainy day.  

14.  Bird feeder.  

15.  Spiders.  These would make cute Halloween decorations.  

16.  Mix and match patterns.  Color pictures of mismatched eggs on cards and have the kids match the pattern with the real eggs.  

17.  Animals.  Or Eggimals.  

18.  Painted eggs for decoration.  

19.  Synonyms and antonyms lesson.

20.  Nice spring wreath.

21.  Word eggs.

22.  Paper cupcakes.

23.  Toadstools, mushrooms, fairy houses.  Made from half an egg, aluminum foil, wooden skewers, and paint.

24.  Sink or float experiment.  You'll need a tub, eggs, tape, items to put inside the eggs - will they sink or float?  You can also make a predictions and results chart to track your discoveries.  

25.  Snack containers.

Not included in my count but too funny not to share.  Can I interest any of you in an egg dress?

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These ideas for recycling plastic eggs are pinned on Kids at Play and Projects.


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