Friday, April 6

16 Cute Easter Crafts


Cute and kid friendly Easter crafts from Pinterest.  

1.  Bottle bunnies from water bottles, jelly beans (for eating and filling), and cupcake liners.  Free printable bunny ears, hands, and feet.  

2.  The possibilities are endless.  Great sensory project.  

3.  Craft sticks, feathers, and chenille.  This would make a cute bookmark.  

4.  Garland or ornaments made out of salt dough.  

5.  Super simple bunny head!  Construction paper, cotton balls, pink pom pom, googly eyes, pipe cleaners.  

6.  Egg chickens.  

7.  Colors of Faith Jelly Bean Bracelet.  Free printable.  

8.  Peek-a-Boo Chick.  Craft foam, foamy stickers, googly eyes, and a brass fastener.

Brass fasteners were always exciting in elementary school, weren't they?  

Just me?  I can live with that.  

9.  Bunny Pops.  Free printable.  

10.  Got eggs?  Get chicks.  

11.  He's adorable in a dorky cousin kind of way.  

12.  Disney princess decorated eggs.  My 5-year-old daughter would love these!  

13.  One of the cutest Easter crafts I have ever seen.  This is probably more for mom than the kids though.  (Not this mom.  Just an observation.  I'd buy it on from Etsy though.  If another mom wants to get in on that.)  

14.  Finger puppets from pipe cleaners, pom poms, and googly eyes.  

15.  Resurrection set.  Free printables and lesson plans.

16.   My 7-year-old son is going to want to do this.  Angry birds decorated eggs.  

That we can throw at the Disney Princesses.  (after the kids are in bed)  

Fun times for all.  

No, really, back to the brass fasteners.  You can have a scarecrow with glued on arms and legs OR you can have a scarecrow with arms and legs that MOVE.  I don't care what y'all say, brass fasteners are under-appreciated.

Pinned on Easter.


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