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Getting married?  Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful experiences in your life.  (or so I hear, I eloped!)  Use Pinterest to help you plan your wedding.  Keep reading for some great tips and must-see wedding Pinterest boards!!

My husband and I just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.  As I write this (10ish in the morning), I think about what I was doing 8 years ago. I was probably already poolside in my bikini with an alcoholic beverage in hand.  This was obviously before kids, hence the bikini.  Although, post-kids, I do consider drinking alcohol before noon some days.  Just not in a bikini.  Bikini, drinks, poolside...  see, we got married in the Bahamas.  It was lovely, budget conscious, and perfect for us.

The mere thought of planning a wedding made me break out in hives.  I'm very detail conscious (anal).  I like things matchy matchy and evenly spaced.  It was all very overwhelming.  I have a feeling if I had attempted to plan a wedding with my now husband/then fiance, we wouldn't have made it to the altar.  I hoped not to show him all my crazy before I was wearing that ring, so I proposed the idea of a destination wedding.  He gladly accepted.  I knew he was Mr. Right!

i'm the source

However, if Pinterest had been around way back then, I might have felt differently.  Pinterest is a virtual inspiration board.  Looking at all of your ideas in one place allows you to see how they work together, gives freedom to eliminate the ones that don't work, and offers a great sense of the overall feel of the event (any event, project, etc.) before it becomes reality.  I look at wedding boards in awe.  All the pictures look so pretty... and I find myself thinking I'd choose this bouquet and that dress and definitely those thingamajigs!  

Pinterest shows you trends about yourself that you weren't even aware of.  Once you get started on Pinterest and start pinning, trends start to pop up.  At least they did for me.  I very quickly learned that I like cupcakes and the color turquoise.  If you're planning a wedding and you aren't sure what you really want, Pinterest can help!  Even if you do know what you want, it's a great place to organize your thoughts, favorites, random saved pictures, etc.  You never know... you might find out you don't really know what you want, after all, and head in a different direction.

Here's how to get started.

1.  Join Pinterest

Don't request an invite via Pinterest.  You'll be celebrating your golden anniversary before the invite shows up in your email.  Ask a current member to send you a personal invitation.  I'd be happy to.

There's no reward for the number of invited members so don't worry that I'm collecting and cashing y'all in for a free trip to Hawaii.  Just shoot me your email address, either in the comments below or to, and I'll send you that invitation.

2.  Create Boards  (add +)

How you organize your boards is completely up to you.

 If I were planning a wedding, I'd make specific boards.  Invitations, Dresses, Shoes, Flowers, Cakes, Hair/Makeup, Centerpieces, Favors, Photograph Ideas, Honeymoon, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen

Some pinners create one wedding board and call it a day.  Here are some stand-alone wedding boards to follow.

wedding envy
dream wedding
wedding + event details

3.  Search

Pinterest's search feature is seriously flawed and awesome at the same time.  The flaw - the description attached to the pin, set by the pinner, determines its searchability.  If the most perfect wedding dress for you is hiding on Pinterest, but the pinner described it as "love" or "perfection", you're not going to find it by searching wedding dress.

I saw two pins of dresses that I love beyond words.  If I were planning a wedding, they'd be at the top of my list.  As it stands, I love the second one so much, I might just purchase it to wear to my kids' annual well visits to the pediatrician.  Anyway, the descriptions of " . " and "lazaro" would not have revealed these dresses in any search that I might have done.

The awesome - In addition to searching pins, you can also search board titles and people.  Personally, I find searching for boards and then looking through those boards easier.  Especially when looking for specific themes or ideas.  Some random board ideas...

Definitely use adjectives when searching!  I cannot stress this enough.

4.  Follow

While searching, you'll find other people planning weddings, experts, wedding boards.  Follow any and all that catch your eye.  Don't miss out on these wedding boards!

Style Me Pretty


Wedding Chicks

Ruffled (vintage flare)

Offbeat Bride (unique)

Perfect Palette - the ultimate color planning boards!

5.  Pin

Finally, pin pictures to your boards and create the wedding of your dreams.  I highly recommend adding the Pin It button to your browser to easily pin stuff you find outside of Pinterest.

Single pins for your viewing pleasure.

Wedding Planning 101

The Knot

6. Share

Share your boards with your bridal party, friends, family.  The comments are a great way to get feedback.  Sharing with your bridal party is especially helpful if any of them live out of town.

You can also share your boards with your vendors.  Wedding planner, florist, baker, etc.  Simply shows them your style, your overall desired look, and gives them a starting point for their little piece of the puzzle.

7. Final Choices Board

If it were my wedding planning venture, I would add a board for all my final choices.  My dress, groom's tux, bridesmaids dress, flower girl dress, linens, centerpieces.... you get the idea.

The perfect story board for your soon-to-be reality.  Seeing it all together on one board will definitely give you peace of mind, a sense of accomplishment, and leave you giddy with excitement.

If you have a wedding board you'd like to share or recommend, please feel free to add a comment below.


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