Thursday, March 29

My Mega Millions


Have you heard?  America has the fever!

Yikes!  Not the Bieber Fever.

The lottery fever!  

The mega millions pot is at an all-time high, currently sitting around $540 million.  Can you imagine opening up your internet banking statement and seeing all those zeros?  

There are many boards on Pinterest titled When I Win the Lottery, If I Win the Lottery, How I'll Spend My Lottery Winnings, etc.  

And, for reasons unknown but too funny not to share, If I had time to knit, I'd make... also comes up when I search lottery.  My assumption is, Pinterest feels she'd have more time for knitting if she won the lottery. That's quite thoughtful on Pinterest's part.  

The odds of winning the mega millions lottery are 1 in 176 million.  The odds are not in my favor.  I'm more likely to be run over by a bus on my way into the store, to buy the tickets, than winning.  

Nevertheless, I'll play along.  Some of the things I'd pin on my Lots of Loot board...

This house.  I have a thing for house plans.  This plan is my current favorite.  

In the backyard.  For the kids.

For the adults.

Just because I can.

My kids are dying to go on the Nickelodeon Cruise.  

After that experience, I'm going to need a kid-free vacation.  Fiji sounds good.  

A beach house.  

Transportation for the beach house.

A fabulous chicken coop for the chickens I'd buy before the ink dries on the check. Nothing but the best for my Will and Grace.  

Massive inflatable Twister.  Why not?  

I'd eat a dozen cupcakes and buy the body of my dreams.  If I had $500 million dollars, I'd have my cake, eat it, and look like I didn't.  Take that, passive aggressive Pinterest picture.

Of course, there would also be the charitable donations, investments, college educations, upgraded practical cars, etc. 

The closest thing I have to a Lots of Loot board is Dream House.  Do you have a lottery what if board?  What's on it?  

If you're suffering from lottery fever, good luck.  If I don't win, I hope you win.  Or, at the very least, I hope neither one of us gets hit by a bus while attempting to win.


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