Tuesday, January 31

Knock, Knock. Housekeeping.


Oh, how I'd love to hear those words every day!  Heck, once a week, once a month, bi-yearly.  I'm not greedy.

knock, knock
   i'm your dream come true

I'm writing this post after the fact, but I'm going to place it in line with the beginning of the blog and pretend it's always been there.  Except, I just told you it hasn't been.  Whatever. I like things in order.

The questions I get most often...  

Why do you love Pinterest so much?

Pinterest fascinates me. I like to compare Pinterest to a magazine.  I love magazines. Several are delivered to my mailbox every week or month.  Yet, there aren't many magazines I read cover to cover.  (Probably only People.)  The first time I pick up a magazine, I will page through it completely, only looking at the pictures and reading the short blurbs.  (sound familiar?) Then, I will return to the blurbs or headlines that most piqued my interest.

Considering Pinterest's growth, over 9000% year-to-date, I have a feeling I'm not the only one who reads magazines this way.  Pinterest affords me the luxury to indulge in my love for magazines without the expense to my wallet or the environment.

Will you invite me to Pinterest?

Yes, of course. <evil grin>  Send your email address to totallypinteresting@gmail.com.

Can I read your blog even if I don't Pinterest?

Yes.  You don't need to use or understand Pinterest to enjoy my blog.  Plus, I'm charming and funny.  (Says me. ;)  Sorry, no refunds, if you disagree.)

What is your blog about?  

Nothing.  Nothing specific, anyway.  I'm not crafty, I don't cook, I don't homeschool. I do, however, like to play on the internet.

I love Pinterest, GoogleFacebook. Also, reading blogs and message boards. I recently added Google Reader to my phone.  I still get giddy opening it.

The only internet thing I do not proactively use is Twitter.  Please don't tweet at me if you need a timely response.  I'm not a bird.  I don't speak tweet.  (No offense, Mr. Twitter Blue Bird.)  I'm learning, though, so no-response-required messages are always appreciated.

Anyway, I digress.  Pinterest introduces me to new and exciting things every day.  It's a great platform for searching the internet, especially if you want to see what is trending right now.

I will spend an entire day trying to find that one nifty <anything> I saw in passing 57 days ago that I suddenly cannot live without.  I will research anything to avoid all things domestic.

For example, I once spent an entire afternoon researching chickens even though I don't live on a farm. I spent weeks compiling the best wedding related profiles even though I'm already married.  I'm not above hot dog art, either.

Bottom line, I have a passion for research, silly or serious, I love to read, and I enjoy sharing what I find.

Put it all together and what do you get?

Totally Pinteresting

I never expected readers.  Honest.  The response has been a little overwhelming and a lot encouraging.

Do you take requests?

YES!  Do you have an idea for a post?  Please ask! Wall of Memories and Shoe Storage were both requested by readers.

Add a comment below or shoot me an email at totallypinteresting@gmail.com.


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