Tuesday, March 13

Hilarious Hot Dogs


I'm not a big fan of hot dogs.  Growing up, I hated everything about them.  My mom used to make me sit at the dinner table, just me and my hot dogs, until they were gone.  I'd probably still be sitting at my mother's kitchen table if it weren't for our dog.

About 5 months into my first pregnancy, my cravings for hot dogs (seriously?!) began.  I held out as long as I could since hot dogs are on the "do not eat when pregnant" list, but I did eventually give in to the craving.  Repeatedly.  I can just imagine what the people at Wawa were saying, "Oh, look, there's that wolfish pregnant lady eating our hot dogs again."

I only eat a hot dog a few times a year now.  Usually at a picnic.  I don't detest them like I did pre-pregnancy, but I'm no longer on exhibit at the Wawa hot dog counter.

My kids don't like hot dogs either.  This used to make me happy.  I don't have to buy them or cook them.  And I don't have to worry about what's in them.  Enter Pinterest, and now I mourn what could have been if I had kids that like hot dogs.

AHHH!  Don't let the pregnant lady eat us!

Breaded hot dog butterfly.

Hot dog caterpillar.  Super cute for the toddlers.

Santa's reindeer.

2 crabs and 2 octopi.

Slightly disturbing fingers.  

For your sweetheart.

 Crescent roll and hot dog snail.  Complete with the snail slime trail.

Hot dog mummies.  Hot dummies?

Hot dog fairy with cheese wand.  

Hot dog octopus on green seaweed.


Hot dogs wrapped in soft pretzels.  I could be on board with this one.

I have no idea what these are, as the website is definitely not written in English.  Bunnies?  Pigs in a blanket?  Regardless, they're darling.

Fashionable octopi and bumble bees!

Weiner dog.

Sunflower egg.

Heart attack waiting to happen disguised as a turtle.

Did you ever think, man, I wish I knew how to spiral a hot dog?  Well, here it is.  

Hot dog roadster.

Hot dog corn muffins.

Fun with spaghetti and hot dogs!

Cruising pickles.

The hot dog massacre.  Mom-to-mom advice, you might not want to serve this one to your kids.  It's too hilarious not to be included, though.  

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I have a friend, Lianne*, whose son loves chili cheese dogs.  I tried to find some cute chili cheese dogs.  Sadly, I came up empty. No matter how cute the hot dog is, once you dump chili all over it, the cuteness just looks like a pile of chili.  But, I did find some variations that I want to lump in here, because I'm not writing two blogs about hot dogs.  I can't believe I even wrote one.

Chili Dog Taco
Chili Cheese Dog Casserole
Chili Cheese Dog Casserole 2
Chili Dog Pot Pie
Chili Dogs in a Blanket

*I swear Lianne isn't my only friend.

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