Tuesday, March 6

Happy Birthday, Oreo!


It's Oreo's 100th birthday.  I'm not surprised by Oreo's lastingness.  Two crunchy chocolate cookies with the most delightful cream in the middle.  It starts out as a sandwich, but, with a little twist, you can have two separate cookies.  

I eat them both ways.  Depends on the circumstances.  Famished and desperate, it's a sandwich.  There's no time to twist during a must-eat-cookies frenzy. Content and all is right in the world, it's getting a twist.  I'll take my time to enjoy the greatness that is an Oreo. 

I've often wondered if OREO is an acronym.   I Googled it.  Google told me it means Other Real Estate Owned.  Is real estate code for awesome cookie?  I do currently own Oreos.  I also own EL Fudges and several boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  That's interesting.

Google also suggested Ontario Rabbit Education Organization.  Ontario must have an overpopulation of stupid rabbits.  That's disturbing.

Operation Render Everyone Obese comes to my mind.  I apologize in advance for my part in this operation.  Blame the Oreo.  It's a versatile little thing that makes heavenly desserts.  Ask, and Pinterest shall deliver.

Seems appropriate to start with Birthday Brownies made with the new Birthday Cake Oreos.

Cookies and cream cookies from one of my favorite dessert blogs, Cookies and Cups.  

Oreo Milk Shake.  Skip the straw.  I'll take an IV.

Cookies and Cream Cake.  One of my favorites!

Oreo brownies topped with a dollop of vanilla butter cream.  Mmmmm, butter cream.  

Chewy no-bake cookies and cream bars.  Just a few ingredients and no bake!  

Salty sweet decadence.  Oreo Pretzel Fudge.  

Fudge Oreo brownies with a shot of espresso

Cookies and Cream Cupcakes.  Personally, I like that it's vanilla cake and not chocolate.  But, if you prefer chocolate, make it chocolate.  

Oreo Caramel Brownie Bombs.  I can honestly say this is the first recipe that made me stop thinking about the stupid bunnies in Ontario.  As if the chocolate chip base, oreos, and caramel weren't enough, there's chocolate ganache piped on top.  

Oreo Cheesecake

Sometimes you just need a cookie inside your cookie.  

Kahlua and Oreo Pie.  Sinful. 

It's a big Oreo cookie made from cake and icing covered in chocolate and crushed up Oreos.  Rightfully named the Standing Ovation Cake.  

Double Stuffed Oreo Martini.  Oreos! Vodka!   My work here is done.  

Huh.  I have a lot of dessert boards.  Well, one's desserts deserve to be organized.  Happy birthday, Oreo!


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