Sunday, March 18

Five Favorite Finds


1.  Peach Crunch Cake.  Pinterest made me crave peaches this week.  This cake comes from bakerella, one of my favorite places on the internet.  It's simple and calls for brown sugar; I'm sold.  I accidentally became the owner of 4 cans of peach slices this week, so the timing of this pin couldn't have been better.  Pinned on Cakes to Eat.  

2.  I pinned this on my Parenting board with the caption, Spring Break Survival Ideas.  In all seriousness, though, the pictures on this blog are AMAZING.

3.  Superb "ordinary" bathroom makeover.  My kids' bathroom is set up exactly like this.  I wouldn't make all the same finish choices but it's a great starting point for adding some design interest to a small, boring bathroom.  Pinned on Bathrooms.  

4.  Another perfectly timed pin.  This comes from Stephanie Ackerman.  There's a banner across the top of her blog that reads, "Creating a life that reflects my dreams...Living a life that defines my purpose."  Powerful.   And very personal to me right now, as I'm finding myself in the middle of a "What's my purpose? What am I supposed to do with my life?" identity crisis.  I'm hoping to set aside some time this week to read more of her blog.  Pinned on Furries, Funnies, Feel Goods.  

5.  Peach Sangria Sorbet.  See?  More peaches.  White wine, peach schnapps, water, peaches, and sugar.  I'm totally making some drunken sorbet this summer!  Sorry, kids, this is mommy's treat.  Yummy.  Pinned on Happy Hour.

I hope you enjoy my five favorite finds from this week.  Share your own interesting finds with us with a comment below.  Happy pinning!


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