Sunday, March 4

Five Favorite Finds


I had a slow pinning week.  (blogging, too)  Sometimes life just demands my attention.  And by life I mean my DVR.  (I don't want you to get the wrong idea about my level of domesticity.)  Never-the-less, here are my 5 favorite pins from the week.  Enjoy.

1.  I never thought I'd look at a bunny's butt and think, "Wow, yummy!," but Pinterest is full of surprises.  Not only do I adore cute bunny tails, I like cake, frosting, and coconut.  Pinned on Cakes to Admire (then eat).

2.  This blogger is the mom of 7 kids.  She talks about birth, gardening, and raising and educating her children.  Here, she shares how she managed to stop night-time coughing (been there done that!) with 4-6 drops of Eucalyptus oil on the soles of the feet.  Worth a try.  Pinned on Health and Beauty.

3.  Tacos are one of my favorite meals.  As a family, we eat tacos for dinner several times a month.  I can probably count on one hand the number of taco shells I've eaten since changing my diet (to low-carb) over a year ago.  Now I eat taco salad.  While I enjoy taco salad just as much, I do miss the crunch of the shell.  This taco shell is made from shredded cheese.  Palm of hand, meet forehead.  File this under, I cannot believe I didn't think of this myself!  Pinned on Good Eats.

4.  There are a lot of good pantry organizing ideas here.  The one that stood out to me was this basket under the shelf for bread.  Pinned on Organization.

5.  Shoofly Pie Bars.  Shoofly pie is an indulgent Pennsylvania Dutch molasses pie.  In my PA-born-and-raised opinion, it's beyond delicious.  I only allow myself single-serving purchases from the grocery store a few times a year.  A whole pie would not last very long in my house.  It never occurred to me that shoofly pie could be anything other than PIE.  Pinterest opened my eyes to other "shoofly pie" possibilities, including these bars and these cupcakes.  Pinned on Bars and Brownies.


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