Sunday, March 11

Five Favorite Finds (with bonus)


1.  I positively adore this wall.  Every single piece - the cluster of shelves, the photos, the clocks, the vase and flowers.  I even love the bowl of artichokes!  Pinned on On the Wall.

2.  Fact about me, I despise parties.  This cartoon by Gemma Correll made me laugh out loud.  I thoroughly enjoyed looking through Gemma's website.  The whole thing made me smile.  I'd ask her to be my friend - if she knew I existed and didn't live in the UK.  Pinned on Furries, Funnies, Feel Goods.

3. Groovy chair.  This print would be perfectly stunning in my (imaginary) office.  Pinned on Office Space.

4.  These ice cream cupcakes are adorable.  Mint is perfect for my son.  I'd probably go chocolate on chocolate for my daughter.  You pick the cake and ice cream.  Icing (or whipped cream) is optional (as if!).  Pinned on Yum, Yum, Gimme Some.  

5. Mirror craft inspired by the upcoming movie Mirror Mirror.  Very cute craft for your little Snow White fan.  Pinned on Kids at Play.


Bonus!  The mirror mirror craft inspired me to search makes and takes on Pinterest.  This option shows you what else is being pinned from the site. Knowing my love for googly eyes, imagine my surprise when this popped up!  Pinned on Clever.

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