Tuesday, February 7

Wall of Memories


Pinners love photo walls.

Photo walls are incredibly impressive. It doesn't matter how big or small one is, I'm always inspired to do my own.  Until I approach the wall where my gallery would go, then the project comes to a screeching halt.  Every single time.  While photo walls are beautiful to look at, they're intimidating to create.

I imagine some photo walls are effortlessly created from nailing a single frame to a wall and building around it, while the creator judges space and design with the naked eye.   Great.  But, I'm not hard wired to do something so... spontaneous.  One of my favorite funnies from Pinterest reads - I enjoy spontaneity, providing it's carefully planned.  That's me.  

Creating a photo wall in my house would require meticulous planning.  Here's how it would it would go....

1. Choose the wall and the scale of your project.  For me, it will be the foyer hallway.  Two of my favorite looks for such a space.

2. Will your pictures be black and white, color, or a mixture of the two?

3. Next consideration is frames or canvases.  Completely an individual decision based on decor style, materials, and budget.

If you decide on frames, there are more decisions to be made.  (definitely two points for canvas in my book!)  When creating a photo wall, most frames have a unifying factor of some sort.  Same style and/or same color are the most common approaches.  If you decide on same color, don't turn down a frame  you love simply because it's the wrong color.  Buy some spray paint and make it work.  IKEA frames are a popular choice.

4.  Decide on the overall look.

Will it be symmetrical or asymmetrical?  Each has its merits.  Symmetrical tends to yield more of a gallery look.  Asymmetrical, in my opinion, is the daring approach.  However, assuming you're not one of those naked eye creators, it's harder to pre-plan.

Will it by static or dynamic?  Static is a pre-planned overall shape and size.  You can always change the photos themselves but the shape and size will remain the same.  Or, do you want something less structured that will allow you to add photos/frames and accessories over time?  If so, go dynamic.

I found some fantastic links for layout ideas.  On Pinterest, of course.  


More here.   

The last step of the planning phase would involve laying out the frames or prints on the floor.  Moving and rearranging as necessary until you are happy with the final look.  

You can even go one step further and trace your frames onto Kraft paper and sticking the shapes to the wall with painter's tape.  Saves your wall from ooops nail holes in case you go in a different design direction once you see the plan on the wall.  

Random thought - have you thought about displaying frames on ledges instead of hanging?  I hadn't, until I spent some time looking through pins on Pinterest.   I really like this option because it's not as permanent.  You can mix and match frames and accessories.  And change them often.

Pinned these ideas and more on On The Wall.

So, there you have how I would PLAN a photo wall. 

Execution of said wall would probably start innocently enough with me and my husband, chosen pictures, hammers, nails, levels, tape measures.  And end with me buried in the backyard.  I don't deal well with the permanency of things being hung on my walls and I'm not easy to deal with when I'm not dealing well.  A guy can only handle so much dealing before he cracks.  So, for now, I will just look at other people's photo walls on Pinterest.  


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