Thursday, February 9

Valentine's Fun


Card exchange preparations are probably already underway, so let's take a look at some fun craft ideas for the kids.  Pinterest inspired me to dig deep.  I found some nifty creations.


Hat - white card stock, foamy sticker hearts, red pipe cleaners.

Love Bugs - toilet paper tube, construction paper, pipe cleaners.  

Heart Bird Feeders - Cheerios, wire or pipe cleaners, ribbon.

Cupid - cardboard tube, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, paint or markers, construction paper.

Love Bug Magnets - clothes pins, magnet tape, pipe cleaners, googly eyes (always a hit in this house), beads, foam stickers.  

Heart Groundhog - this is labeled a Groundhog's Day craft but since he is adorable and made of hearts, I included him - construction paper and googly eyes.

Heart Tree - paper or card stock, water colors, finger paints.

Sweetheart Necklaces - baker's clay (recipe included), heart-shaped cookie cutter, paint, markers, ribbon.

Pinned these ideas and more on Kids at Play and Valentine's Day.


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