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Shoe Storage


I live in Pennsylvania, where it gets cold and people wear coats.

I have a friend who lives in Florida, where it gets mildly not scorching and people sometimes wear long-sleeve shirts.  But usually not coats.

Incidentally, residents of both states wear shoes.

Lianne, friend from Florida, said to me, "I need some ideas on where to put shoes when you come in, like some options for a bench with shoe storage."  She added, but I missed, "With or without coat storage because that isn't really applicable to me."

I, in all my northeast naivete glory, asked, "No coat closet?"  I missed her second line because my brain was busy thinking, why not just put the shoes in the coat closet?  (I'm so helpful.)

She said, "Florida homes don't have coat closets."

Ah, right.  Florida.  Warm.  Alligators, yes.  Coat closets, no.

No closet?  No problem, I'm not wearing shoes.  

Now I understand the dilemma.  They wear shoes in and out of the house, but they don't have a built-in place to store them.  Obviously, the male species dominates the Florida house building market.  If women were building houses in Florida, there would be closets for shoes.

I immediately turned to Pinterest.  Pinterest is like Google and Google images got married and had little picture babies that spit up information.

This Google baby just found out there's no shoe storage in Florida!

What a predicament!

Don't worry; together, we have found some solutions.  They start simple, inch towards involved, and end at wowzers.  There are lots, so take off your shoes and get comfortable.

Starting with super simple.  This cabinet from IKEA is as simple as you can get.

Similar cabinet in function, but it's mounted to the wall.

This super skinny cabinet is also from IKEA from the HIMNES line.  It barely takes up any room at all but provides ample storage.  The decorative touches in the lights, mirror, and accessories are nice touches.  You could place an organizer or bowl on top for car keys, in and out mail, cell phones.  Closer to the door, it looks like there is a coat rack on the wall for jackets and a basket on the floor for all the other odds and ends that come and go.  I like this look so much, I'm tempted to do it in my own entry and turn my coat closet into a utility closet for my homeless vacuum.  

Wow.  Bright, fun, and functional.  Take any bookcase, paint it, add labeled bins and decorative stuff on top - and call it shoe storage.  Easy.  Best to have a plan for sorting.  Either by type (shoes, hats, gloves) or by person (each family member has their own bin for their own stuff).  Source link includes free label printables.  

Same idea, two different looks.  Bench, hooks on the wall (optional), baskets or crates underneath.  You can go wood grain, paint everything white, or go for a splash of fun color.  Keep it simple or add some decorative pillows or a cushion.  If you have access to old crates, you wouldn't even need to buy baskets.

Yet another idea for pallets.

This is a great idea if you're handy with a sewing machine.  Looks like an old desk (with the cabinet doors removed) simply covered with a fitted slipcover.  If you don't have a desk sitting around, check freecycle or craigslist for someone else's old desk.

Bench with shoe dividers and baskets.  

Moving on to slightly more involved options.  All of these ideas could be easily duplicated, if you have the right tools and know how to use them.

Believe it or not, this is actually two separate pieces from IKEA - a bookshelf and a TV stand.  So very creative.  Definitely take a look at the source link to see the transformation.  The bead board, pillows, and family photos complete the look. 

Wood panels for the wall, complete with hooks and two lights, a floating bench, baskets underneath.  

 More creativity via IKEA.

This is another DIY project and another one of my favorites.  The black and dark wood appeals to me.  And, even though nothing is hidden here, it looks organized.  We all have "stuff" - coats, bags, shoes - it's fine to let it show.  Adding a pop of color (in this case, black), wall art, plant, carpet, etc. draws your eyes to the decor and away from the stuff.  Instead of the number blocks, you could use initials or spell out your last name.  

Finally, the wowzers!  

This has everything!  I wouldn't have thought to add a chest of drawers.  

So much storage I don't even know where to look first.  Cute puppy.

A "locker" type of set up.  The owner of this look spruced up the plain white cabinet by applying wallpaper inside and adding colored drawer pulls.

The next three looks are kid focused.  I encourage you to think outside of the box -  materials and placement.  Even if you do not have room for something like this right inside your entry way, you might have a front room that could become a mudroom or playroom, where you work in the storage.

I like the big bins on the bottom for outside toys.  I'd like to put something like this inside my garage, especially since we mostly go in and out via the garage and not the front door.  The kids' artwork is a nice touch, but you could also hang a bulletin board and chalk board and make it a family message center.  This one comes with a guard dog.  


Orange lockers.  Super fun!

Very cute.  I see something like this in a repurposed front room.

Building a closet is always an option.  

Heck!  Building a mud room could be an option, too, if you have the room.  The shorter bookcases in the front separate the spaces.  

More ideas - here, here, and here.  IKEA and Target are popular budget-friendly choices.

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My dearest Lianne, I hope I helped you with your shoe storage dilemma.  I cannot, however, help you with your alligator issues.  You chose to move to Florida, you figure it out.


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