Thursday, February 9

Repurposing Old Pallets


I already explored the practical uses for old crates.

Now, let's take a look at pallets.  I fancy pallets more than crates.  I never even knew I loved pallets until Pinterest.

This pin was my first exposure to the wonderful world of pallets.  Isn't that pretty - for a pallet?  I could totally do that!  If I had pallets, anyway.


Innocently enough, I started searching Pinterest for more pallet ideas.  I was not disappointed.  

Another table.  On big lovely wheels.  



Super lime green table.  

Pallet swing.  

Colorful coat rack

Plate rack.  

Going along with the Wall of Memories, a photo gallery inside a pallet.  

Are you kidding me right now?  A potting bench.  

A toddler bed.  How cute is that?  Gotta love the turquoise furniture as well.  

This is my favorite idea.  My eyes went crazy over this look.  CRAZY.  The raw-looking pallet bench, crisp white shelf above, the accessories.  I would love to duplicate this look.  Need pallets! 


I could seriously share inventive pallet ideas all day.  If you like the looks I shared, look through the source links for more.  The ideas start small.  Wall art, such as this pallet flag.  Next, the ideas move into medium territory like this pallet garden.  Little bit bigger like other furniture ideas. Finally, the ideas move into insane, such as this HOUSE.

Pinterest showed me that I need a job in a pallet junkyard.  If you hear of one, let me know.

Pinned these ideas and more on Projects and On the Wall.  If you haven't already, check out Repurposing Old Crates.  


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