Wednesday, February 1

Repurposing Old Crates


Pinterest is not just a compilation of pretty pictures.  I often come across a picture that just rocks my socks.  Something so innovative... so inspiring... that it makes me want to strap on a tool belt, grab a paintbrush, and create something magnificent.  

Repurposing old crates is one of the first ideas that truly grabbed my attention.  Here are my four favorite looks for recycled old crates thus far.

This set up is visually appealing and functional.  

Larger crates, stained.  They are striking and look expensive.

The colors on these crates are so much fun!  This set up would work really well in a mudroom or garage for shoes, totes, random doodads.  Notice the one on the floor?  It's on WHEELS!  Ingenious.

I love, love, love this idea for a playroom.


These are just a few of the ideas on Pinterest and the Internet for repurposing old crates.  Milk crates, wine crates, produce crates, egg crates... there are so many crates out there just begging to be pretty.  Make it happen and report back!

If you have any ideas on how to acquire old crates such as these, please share.

I've pinned these ideas and many more on my Projects board.


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