Saturday, February 4

Five Favorite Finds


#1 - Nothing says "We love you, Wife and Mommy" more than the sound of the garage door closing. With them on the outside.  Pinned on Parenting.

#2 - I love this bronze chandelier from Lowe's.  It sells for $229.00 in PA.  Pinned on Living Spaces.


#3 - These toilet paper tube birds are delightful.  My kids love anything that requires googly eyes and glue.  Adding in the feathers is sure to impress and keep them busy for eons.  And, it just so happens, we have feathers.  Lots of them.

See, a few months ago, I remembered on a Sunday that my son was supposed to come to school on Monday looking like an Indian.  I had tucked away the newsletter with this information and promptly forgot.  Mom fail.  I scoured the town looking for colored feathers for an Indian hat, but I came up empty.  After cutting out the most pathetic, limp, mock feathers from construction paper, I vowed to never be caught without brightly colored feathers again.  Since that day, I throw a few packs of feathers into my cart every time I see them.

Now I just need to remember to save the toilet paper rolls.  Pinned on Kids at Play.

#4 - Fruit crisp is one of my weaknesses.  This recipe sounds simple.  The result looks delicious.   I appreciate baking it right into single servings.  Pinned on Yum, Yum, Gimme Some.

#5 - Wow. I cannot express how much I lust after this look. <drool>  The colors, the bowl sink, the stone counter, the shower curtain.  I even like the flower and green soap.  

The only thing I might omit is the floating glass shelf.  I'm not a fan.  And I'd totally bust my head on it every time I bend over to wash my face.  Pinned on Bathrooms.

I hope you take joy in my 5 favorite finds from this week.  Share your favorite find(s) with me with a comment below.  Happy pinning!


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