Saturday, February 4

It's the Super Bowl, yo!


Ha!  You weren't expecting a Super Bowl post from me, were you?  The mere mention of football makes me break out in hives.

The best thing about Super Bowl Sunday, in my opinion, is the puppy bowl with kitty half-time show on the Animal Planet.  Too much cuteness in one room.  My DVR is already set!

I learned something new about the Super Bowl this year thanks to Pinterest.  People get serious about their Super Bowl food.

Some of the stand out ideas I saw on Pinterest...

Don't even think about serving cheese and crackers unless they look like these.  Anything less would be laughable.

A dynamite savory cupcake!!  Beer, cheese, and bacon.

Chips and dip?  Only if it's the snackadium!

Football whoopie pies.  Yummy.  

Most impressive, the ultimate Super Bowl Smorgasbord.  You better like that pin!  He deserves it!  

Other serious Super Bowl foods.  Now I mean clogged arteries serious.  I was most intrigued by and pinned, sweet and savory grilled cheese bites and super evil bacon meatballs.

Also, some low-carb options.

I've pinned these recipes and others on my Good Eats board.

Enjoy the game... and apparently the food!


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