Tuesday, February 28

Happy Tooth Fairy Day


February 28th is Tooth Fairy Day.  My research shows that it's also sometimes celebrated on August 22nd.  It's hardly an official national event so you could probably celebrate both days.  Or never.

My older child is going to be 7 in less than 2 months.  He still hasn't lost any teeth... not even a slight wiggle happening in his mouth!  So, we haven't experienced the tooth fairy yet.

According to a Delta Dental poll, the going rate for each tooth is $1.  Slightly more for the first tooth.  My plan is $5 for the first tooth and $1 for each additional tooth.  Love this certificate for the first tooth.

What's a useless holiday without useless facts?  The average rate for a tooth in 2011 was $2.10.  The tooth fairy business wasn't exempt from the woes of the economy, as the average rate for 2010 was $2.52.

Poor kids.  You just can't get what you used to for a tooth.

Searching Pinterest for tooth fairy ideas makes me wonder, do all tooth fairy participants have a tricked out pillow for the event?  I suppose I could buy one from Etsy, but, no matter how beginner or simple the tutorial promises to be, I don't have the skills to actually make one.  Here are some charming pillows.

Super simple.

He is adorable.  (my favorite!)

 Monster pillow.

Tooth fairy.
 Step-by-step how to instructions.

Personalized with tooth chart.

Alternatives to the pillow.  Personalized plate for the bedside table.

Embroidered envelope.

Tooth fairy door.  Hangs on the wall.

Match box.

Parents, you can have a picture made of the magical visit.   Can I get one of these with Shemar Moore watching me sleep?  Just curious.

Finally, to celebrate the big day, two highly rated Tooth Fairy books to share with your child.  Read to your kids... it makes them smart and stuff.

Happy Tooth Fairy Day! I'll celebrate anything for a cupcake!


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