Saturday, February 11

Five Favorite Finds


1.  Vinyl letters, framed portraits of your children, clocks stopped at the time they were born.  So precious.       If your kids are older and on their own, you could stop the clock on the time they finally got a job and moved out.  (hahaha)  Pinned on On the Wall.

2.  I did Zumba once or twice.  My experience says this is a genuine representation of what happens.  Never-the-less, I really liked it and only stopped because of cost.  One day, when I'm rolling in extra cash and extra time, I'd like to be certified as an instructor.  Sadly, though, no amount of money or training can keep me from looking like Jim Carrey in a pink tutu.  Pinned on Get Fit and Furries, Funnies, Feel Goods.

3.  DIY button calendar.  The source link includes great step-by-step instructions.  It looks simple enough.  I'm guessing even I could do it... and I'm craft challenged.  While I don't see this being practical enough to be the main calendar in my house, where I need to write down EVERYTHING, it would look darling some other place. I'm thinking in my (imaginary) office.  I especially like that you can completely customize the look with different fabric and button colors.  Pinned on Projects.

4.  Beautiful wreath.  Pinned on Easter.  

5.  Chocolate cupcakes that look like BIG Hershey Kisses.  These need no commentary.  The only thing I'll say is, please don't tell Jillian I even looked at these... and I liked it.  Pinned on Cupcakes.


I hope you take joy in my 5 favorite finds from this week.  Share your favorite find(s) with me with a comment below.  Happy pinning!


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