Wednesday, February 1

Clucking Adorable


A picture of the most groovy chickens I've ever seen popped up on Pinterest today.  It completely derailed my entire afternoon.  Naturally.

Afternoon Ruiners

At first, I had no idea what these things were, but I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I wanted two.

I knew they were chickens.  But what kind of chicken?  I needed to know.  This started the great chicken hunt that was my afternoon.

I Googled funny looking chickens, furry chickens, gray chickens, peachy chickens.  No search returned those exact chickens but I did find other awesome chickens.

First, the Polish.  The next time I have a bad hair day, I'm going to remind myself it could be worse. I could be a Polish chicken and look like that every day of my life.

Next up, the Araucana.  He makes me giggle.  

Lastly, the Silkie.  If he were my chicken, I'd name him Coconut.  The Silkie chicken was the closest match I found to my Pinterest chickens.  Still, I wasn't satisfied.  This required additional research.

Thankfully, I know people who know people who have chickens.  I got this response from a friend of a friend...

"They are silkies. The white ones are "splash silkies" because of their dual coloring. I have 4 silkies in my yard right now, one is laying small eggs daily. They are the perfect size for my toddler!"

So, my chickens are called Silkies.  I'm jealous of this friend of a friend for having 4 of these gorgeous creatures.  Surely, she can share two, right?  I only want two.  I will name them Will and Grace.  I will love them, cherish them, and happily eat their eggs.  This friend of a friend can keep her toddler though.  I'm so over that.  Chickens, yes.  Toddler, hell to the no.

I pinned my Pinterest Chickens on my Furries, Funnies, Feel Goods board.

*Special thanks to a friend for her title inspiration.


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