Wednesday, February 8

Be Mine


Cute heart-shaped every things, oodles of candy, fuzzy pink and red crafts, parties and card exchanges at school.  It's no mystery why my kids get a kick out of Valentine's Day.

If you have school-age children, they're probably knee deep in card exchange preparations.  And when I say "knee deep" I mean, they're complaining about writing their name 23 times and you're preparing the rest. 

We've done a wide range of Valentine's exchanges in the past, from the simple cards to crayon hearts to heart-shaped rice krispie treats to bubbles to candy and stickers.  Crayon hearts...

I thought I was doing well.  Pinterest recently showed me these super adorable and clever ideas... not doing as well as I thought.  I can only hope to be in this league someday.  Unfortunately, by the time that happens, I doubt my college-age children will want to hand these out to their professors. 

I dig you.  

Bananas for you and two other equally cute ideas.  

Cake pops!  

Swedish fish.

Hand-made monster cards with candy and googly eyes.  

Bear hugs.  So simple - teddy grahams and gummi bears.  So clever.  

I pinned these ideas on Valentine's Day

I think we're going to do the Bear Hugs this year, if my kids are into it.  If not, simple cards with some candy will have to do.  

I'm not about to attempt to-be-handed-out-in-public gifts this late in the game.  Instead, I have a few stay-at-home-free-of-judgement crafts planned for the weekend.  That blog will be coming tomorrow.  Stay tuned!  



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