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As I write more blogs, I'm afraid the depth of my addiction will be apparent the first time I accidentally drop a pin-bomb.

What's a pin-bomb you ask?  Well, these are normal words that were pinnified by me or other people like me.

I imagine a big flashing neon arrow pointing to my pin-bomb with the comment, "Listen to this crazy chick, talking like she lives in Pinterestville.  She needs some serious help."  To avoid this scene, I shall share my bound-to-happen pin-bombs with you ahead of time.

Here is a list of the pin-bombs already in my vocabulary.  I made up some myself and I saw some on Pinterest, but I take full responsibility for my pinterpretations.

Pinaholic - ME

Pinteresting - Also ME.  That's why you're here, right?  Yeah, I thought so.

Pinterruptions - Husbands, children, pets, housework, sleep, and paying jobs.

Pinsomnia - How could I possibly sleep when there are so many things to pin?!

Pinster - Pinning gangster.  This is like Big Foot.  I haven't ever seen Big Foot, but I'm not going to say it doesn't exist.

Pinterject - Interrupting everyday mundane conversations to talk about things you pinned because...

Dispinterested - If it's not happening on Pinterest, I'm not interested.

Pirony - Staring at pins of delectable desserts all mixed up with pins of skinny girls showing off their abs, exercise tips, and lettuce.

Pinoarder - Hoarder of pins.

Pinhead - Not to be confused with, errrr, penis head.

Pintermission - Eventually you're going to have to pee.

Pinning! - What Charlie Sheen says every time he pins something.

Conflict of Pinterest - Having to choose between being productive in your real life and pinning in your imaginary life.  The state of my house will tell you there isn't enough conflict happening up in here.

Pintervention - If you don't see me pinning, my husband got to me.  Please send help.

Piniquette - Pinning etiquette.  Be mindful of your fellow bloggers and pinners.  Always find the original source of your pins, pin the specific URL, and only copy and paste the titles in the description field.

Fun fact - If you highlight the text you want (like, Whopper Brownies) before you click on Pin It, the highlighted text will automatically fill in the description field.

Pinja Vu - When your finger hovers over that pin button because it looks familiar...

Pinesia - Repinning the same shit over and over again.

Compound Pinterest - The amount of money you save by clicking Pin It all day instead of Add to Cart combined with the money not spent because you're too busy pinning to go to an actual store.  Hmmm, maybe I should share that little nugget with my husband.  It will most definitely delay that pintervention.

In the comments section below, share with us your own pin-bombs.


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